About the National Blown Bead Association

The NBBA represents the leading manufacturers and installers of blown EPS (expanded polystyrene) bead cavity wall insulation, and is under the auspices of the BPF's EPS Group.

The Chairman of the National Blown Bead Association (NBBA) and of the EPS Group, David Emes, explains:

"The entire cavity wall insulation sector is facing a challenging time. There is a dire need for more clarification and accountability and best practice standards to be enforced. Customers and stakeholders need reassurance that their properties are correctly assessed and the appropriate insulation is installed to the highest standard."

The NBBA currently represents 70% of the sector; its members include Thermabead, Energy Store, Polypearl, Kay-Metzeler, and Moulded Foams and is supported by three raw material suppliers, BASF, Synthos and Sunpor.

Each member company of the NBBA is committed to working to improve accountability in the sector. "Installed correctly, EPS bead is a long term, cost effective way of providing excellent cavity wall insulation to new and old properties. Our first priority is to get that message across to the market stakeholders including specifiers, architects, surveyors and other interested parties", says David Emes.

The NBBA has three core objectives, David Emes explains: "We want to standardise and benchmark installation standards so the performance of blown EPS bead insulation is consistent and reliable."

Secondly, we will gather and supply accurate technical data on the results of insulating with blown EPS bead, so we can demonstrate that EPS has a clear technical advantage over alternative products.

"We work with associated industry bodies and organisations including Kiwa Building Products, BBA, CIGA and other companies qualified to support the industry’s requirements. We also aim to develop joint communications that will ensure the benefits of insulating buildings with blown EPS bead are brought to the attention of the construction industry, housing associations and the private house owner."