New Build

Blown bead cavity wall insulation is very suitable for new build.

Blown bead cavity wall insulation, using the grey bead option with an improved lambda value can help you achieve Part L 2013 without changing your construction methods.

Blown bead is one of the most technically advanced cavity wall solutions. EPS bead systems are low cost and extremely efficient, offering some of the lowest U values achievable in cavity walls.

Blown bead cavity wall insulation is simple and fast to install with a minimum of mess or waste on site, and offers valuable flexibility to the builder in scheduling the work on site.

Advantages of Blown Bead for New Build

Blown beads allow full inspection of built cavities before installation.

Blown beads eliminate on-site storage and waste from built in batts.

Blown beads ensure a quicker and easier construction of masonry walls by bricklayers thus saving costs.

Blown beads fully fill complicated details in walls without the need for intricate fitting of batts and reduces the risks of cold bridging.

Blown beads have an excellent track record, for over 35 years, in upgrading existing properties.

Blown beads are BBA certified with the benefit of an installers guarantee.

Blown beads are factory expanded to ensure a constant delivered density and lambda value.

Further Information

For further information and to discuss your projects, contact one of our NBBA members by clicking here.

New Build with 100mm Cavity

This table shows typical U-values for standard cavity types after blown bead cavity wall installation, using the grey bead.

Brick Cavity Dense Block Dab & Plasterboard
Brick Cavity Medium Block Dab & Plasterboard
Render Medium Block Cavity Medium Block Dab & Plasterboard
Render Medium Block Cavity Medium Block Plaster
Brick Cavity Light Block Plaster