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The blown bead used in our cavity wall insulation is the reassuringly familiar EPS (expanded polystyrene) bead.

EPS has outstanding insulating properties and is currently used in many different forms in the construction sector.

Selecting blown bead cavity wall insulation is a good choice for the environment because:

  • Insulating your property reduces fuel consumption contributing to a low carbon economy

  • The BRE Green Guide to Specification awards EPS an A+ summary rating in its insulation section, to visit the online BRE Green Guide click here

  • EPS bead has a low GWP (global warming potential)

  • EPS bead has zero ODP (ozone depletion potential)

  • CFC's and HCFCs are not used in the manufacture of EPS

  • EPS is 98% air making it resource efficient and a great insulator

  • EPS is an inert material that does not deteriorate over time

  • EPS is unaffected by moisture and is not damaged by uncontaminated flood water or rain water

  • EPS is non toxic

  • There is no wasted material during the installation process

  • EPS is 100% recyclable and thousands of tonnes of EPS packaging are recycled every year in the UK